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Saving Money By Comparing Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Have you ever wondered why most people don’t compare cheap car insurance quotes? Some people chose their insurance companies by asking family or friends for their company’s name. Other chose their insurance by going with the highly advertised names they heard on TV or the radio. But when asked if they ever compare car insurance quotes, many individuals just give you a weird look like you asked them something strange or ridiculous.

Many have been with their insurance brokers for so long they’ve become close friends. Others will tell you they never speak to the same broker twice because the company is so large they don’t get personal service anymore. It’s come to the point where receiving a letter or bill in the mail is the only correspondence we get from our insurance companies. Think about it folks, when was the last time you received a call or letter from your insurance broker letting you know that your rates were going to be lowered because you’ve been driving well this year? OK, stop laughing I was just trying to make a point.

Nowadays, anyone can go online and compare cheap car insurance quotes before deciding on which company to buy insurance from. It’s no longer necessary to pay the same rates every year without any chance of having your rates lowered. Why do insurance companies raise our rates the first chance they get? My insurance was raised after having a 10 year clean record because I was involved in an auto accident that was proven to be the other guys fault. It was explained to me that my rates went up because I was now considered to be a high risk. Well, I immediately asked where my discount was for my past 10 years of safe driving. You guessed right; the phone went quiet and I was put on hold to speak with a supervisor. After that experience, I found out that many online services would offer me a number of different rates from various insurance companies making it much easier and faster for me to make my decision for buying insurance for my car.

It’s time for all of us to wise up and decide to compare cheap car insurance quotes from other companies. Getting the best rates is now a choice we can make by educating ourselves on which companies are offering the lowest rates in our area for the year and specific model car we drive. Don’t be fooled into thinking that dealing with large national insurance companies will get you automatic discounts and the lowest rates because they have so many customers.

How to Get a Free Car Insurance Quote Online

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

If you are thinking of getting a free car insurance quote, then you should first consider a few things before you start browsing. The truth is that there are so many insurance providers, but not all will provide you with the best quotes and deals. By knowing how to get quotes properly, you can save time, and also decide quickly without wasting time jumping from one dealer to another.

What should you be looking for in a free auto insurance quote? A low price obviously, but that will depend on the information you provide in the online quote form. You want a quick response, certainly, preferably within matter of minutes, although generally the same day is normal. The response can come online or by email, and should include a detailed list of what the quotation covers you for should decide to accept it.

However, a free online quote is really just the first stage and nobody really expects it to be accepted as it is; neither the insurer nor the driver. There is usually a degree of haggling or negotiation before the insuring agreement is finally signed. The online quote form is not generally comprehensive enough to include all of the factors that will decide the ultimate price of the insurance policy, and you could look upon it as a means of comparing a number of companies prior to drawing up a short-list.

What many people that are trying to insure their private passenger autos do, is to choose a long list of auto insurance companies from which to seek the initial free car insurance quote online. They use the form to provide information on the basic auto coverage required, together with some of the factors that establish the auto insurance rates and discounts. Not all of these factors can be provided online, and are generally kept for use for further negotiation.

The final automobile insurance policy should be negotiated from a short-list drawn up from the cheapest of the free online quotes. That is when you get personal, and pick up the telephone. Speak to each insurer on your short-list and negotiate reductions and discounts. You can use factors such as any special driving courses to have taken, the rate of liability cover you want and any other factors such as the security and safety features that make your car less liable to harm passengers and less likely to be stolen or damaged.

Perhaps your age, employment or residential area qualify you for a discount, or maybe you have other insurances with the company that could be at risk if you don’t get that taken into consideration. Or you could even move your mortgage or life insurance to that company if you get a whacking discount of your auto insurance. These things have been known to happen.

The whole point of an online free car insurance quotation is that you can compare the auto insurance rates being offered by a lot of different companies. You will get best results if you draw up a list with the help of an online comparison site, and perhaps a review site. Include in your list a few well known large national companies, a few smaller local companies and some brokers with access to a number of different auto insurance companies. You will then have a good mix of auto insurers with standard prices, and also some likely able and willing to negotiate auto insurance rates.

Each must offer a free online quote of course, or it’s pointless having them on your list. However, just about every motor insurance company worth dealing with is online these days. Once you have compared the various quotes, take the lowest three or four for your short-list and then do as recommended earlier. When you are down to the last two, call each again and let them know the other price, asking them if they can beat it. That way you will get the cheapest possible price for your circumstances.

You can also use an online form if you are looking for fast auto insurance quotes, since online quotes are usually much faster than telephone quotes. When they say “I’ll get back to you shortly” they will get back to you, but rarely ‘shortly’! You are much quicker doing it online. However, a fast quote is not necessarily the cheapest quote, so keep that in mind: you only get ‘cheapest’ by comparing a number of quotes and then negotiating.

However, no matter how you use it, a free car insurance quote online is convenient and certainly a lot better than walking the streets from office to office.

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