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What Does Contractors Liability Insurance Cover?

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Contractor Liability Insurance will protect your business in the case that a third party individual has been injured or incurred property damage.

The main areas that Contractors Liability Insurance covers

Bodily Injury

This covers injury that happens from a result of business operations, arising from company premises or for completed operations. This includes injury a third party may get from the product or service you sell, also for accidents inside your business. This can also cover physical harm caused by a completed project.

Damage to Property

The covers property damage due to the same reasons as above.

Advertising Injury

This includes lawsuits that claim you have made false claims or caused loss to a competitor.

Personal Injury

This covers not just for acts of libel or slander, but also invasion of privacy, infringement of trademarks and copyright, false arrest or wrongful eviction.

Liability coverage normally provides coverage for property damage and injury that is a result of ongoing operations and in some cases from completed products as well. Simple examples would be the damage of someones property, not always your clients, during normal operations of your business, or someone getting injured on the job site.

Don’t let Contractors Liability Insurance be confused with product warranty. In an example of a pipe bursting in a house. Contractors Liability Insurance will cover fixing the water damage but will not pay for the replacement of the defective pipe, bad workmanship. It will only cover property damage or bodily injury that is a result of the work performed and for which a contractor is liable.

What does Contractors Liability Insurance Pay For

Contractors Liability Insurance protects your business assets when you company faces a lawsuit form a third party. The insurance will normally pay for:

Your company’s legal fees
Medical payments for injuries another party has sustained
Payment for financial losses resulting from injury, property damage, and advertising injuries
Compensation for pain and suffering
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