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Aviva Health Insurance

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

A quality insurer is pretty hard to find these days, because many companies are simply on a profiteering overdrive. Therefore it is usually not a bad idea to stick to the reputed players, particularly if its health insurance you want. And there are very few which can match up to Aviva health insurance in that regard. Aviva is the largest insurer in the UK and has various health cover plans meant to suit all needs and budgets. Of course choosing a healthcare plan is ultimately something you do after a lot of consideration, but most of the time insurers show their true colors when you lodge a claim.

Aviva has a commendable claims-to-settlement ratio and will rarely reject your claim if it is filed with the correct documentary evidence and as per their instructions. Decisions regarding claims are made by capable administrators backed up by a nursing team. Settlements are quick and so you do not feel financially exposed at any point of time. Aviva health insurance, also provides for switching of individual health insurance from other private operators. So, if you are not too happy with your present insurer, you can get in touch with Aviva to complete the formalities required for a switch. You will get a plan that is either identical or very similar to the one you have.

Then there are Aviva healthcare plans for children. Because children have specific healthcare needs, they have to insured differently so that their future is secured. You can also try the International healthcare plan which provides global coverage or the Speedy Diagnostics plan which covers all expenses involved in getting a medical condition diagnosed quickly by specialists. There are a large number of Aviva network hospitals you can get treated in all over UK. So, getting a quote from Aviva health insurance can solve all your insurance worries quickly.

Health Insurance For Tourists

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

With insurance companies adding more restrictions to where and who policyholders can get coverage from, there’s a good chance that your insurance plan doesn’t cover you during international trips. In that case, you’ll still be able to receive treatment overseas, but not without some extremely expensive bills. The best solution to avoid that scenario is to purchase health insurance for tourists. Backed by well-trusted companies like Sirius, tourist insurance plans give you the peace of mind that if an unforeseen health problem occurs during your travel, you’ll be fully covered. Insurance for tourists can be purchased for short term stays or extended visits. The longer your stay, the more important it is to have coverage, as you’re bound to eventually need some type of medical care, whether it’s a simple prescription or something larger.

With health insurance for tourists, you can get basic items like checkups and wellness visits covered, but any preexisting health issues you have will not be covered. In case you have any uncertainty on what is considered a preexisting condition, pay careful attention to every detail of your policy so that you have no confusion as you purchase it. You’ll want to be sure that anything you attempt to have covered will in fact be covered.

The price of tourists insurance is influenced by multiple variables. For instance, the higher the level of total coverage you want to purchase, the higher your premiums will be. And the lower your deductible, the higher your premiums will be. Coverage is available in a range of $50,000 to $1,000,000, giving an option for every person’s individual need and length of stay abroad. Deductibles may be set at a minimum of $0, and a maximum of $2,500. Give careful thought to your anticipated healthcare needs before buying your tourist insurance plan.

Since everyone has different needs while traveling, your health insurance for tourist plan can be customized with supplemental coverage items like sports coverage and lost luggage location assistance. These supplemental benefits offer calming reassurance that if you’re injured while participating in an athletic activity, you’ll receive affordable healthcare, or that if your luggage is lost you’ll have access to trained professionals who can help you overcome international language and logistical barriers.

Tourist health insurance is an investment that will save you money, stress, and time, no matter how long or short your international travel lasts. You can never predict what you may encounter while traveling, from accidents to viruses, and the best way to be prepared for any unpredictable healthcare scenario is to buy health insurance for tourists.