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Why Get Pet Insurance At All

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Our pets are an important part of our family and as such they deserve the best care that we can give to them. Unfortunately veterinary medical costs is rising everyday and the only way we can afford to pay for them is by purchasing pet insurance for our pets.

There are a number of things that you need to consider before you make a definite decision as to if you should really purchase pet insurance. Here are some tips that may be useful to you:

1) You should assess your monetary circumstances. Pet insurance can be expensive depending on the plan that you choose.

2) You need to consider whether or not you own a pet that needs special medical treatments. In most of the cases to buy pet insurance, you will not have to provide a medical history before you can obtain coverage which means your pet can get coverage regardless of the previous medical history.

However, as pets get older, depending on their breed they might start to show signs of various old age diseases such as hyperthyroidism.

Therefore if your pet is ten years old or older you will still be able to purchase pet insurance but the insurance company will most likely need to look at your pet’s medical records. You may need to pay for premium rates which are higher but can still save you a lot of money in medical expenses since older pets tend to have more health problems.

However if your pet is at least middle-aged and in good health you most likely do not need pet insurance. The pet will need yearly veterinarian checks, but the cost of that is far less than the cost of pet insurance.

There is another reason to purchase a pet insurance if you are dealing with pure bred dogs, especially if you decide to show the dog. The appearance of these dogs depends very much on their health, so it is very important that they have the proper insurance.

In addition if you have a dog that has done work in the movies, and if the dog gets sick it affects filming, it is also important that the dog has health insurance. The insurance will benefit you just as much as it will benefit the dog in this case.

3) You should shop around to find the best pet insurance company. Some things you want to look out for are:

i) how much the company charges per month,

ii) the size of the coverage,

iii) the vets you are limited to, or if you are limited to any vets at all, as well as

iv) what is covered by the policy should your pet need medical assistance. One of the most important things you want to note is the coverage when it comes to pet medical emergencies.

The Coverage

There are pet insurance policies for all kinds of pets. It is a common misunderstanding that pet insurance policies only cover cats and dogs but there are, in reality, policies out there to protect any pet, no matter what kind it is.

Many pet insurance policies will provide coverage for everything from routine office visits to emergency surgery. There are a vast variety of plans available for you to choose from. Basic plans will cover things such as accident or illness, prescription drugs, x-rays, hospital stays, and even treatment for chronic diseases.

Higher packages such as premium coverage is available which also helps with routine vaccinations, annual office visits, flea and tick control, and other preventive measures. The good news is that most of these premium policies will even cover hereditary conditions such as skin disorders and back problems.

All You Have To Do

With many pet insurance companies the only thing you will be asked to do when your visit at the vet is done is to pay your portion of the bill. The rest of the bill will be paid to the vet directly by the insurance company. If however your vet does not accept this mode of payment then you will need to turn in the bill to the pet insurance company yourself. Most companies will process your claim within the week and return your money to you in a timely manner.

Some pet insurance companies require you to pay a deductible before insurance coverage begins. Some companies offer deductibles as low as fifty dollars while others can cost over a hundred dollars. Fortunately there is only one deductible for each year of coverage.

There are many companies that now provide the service of pet insurance so you should have no problem finding a policy that fits within your budget. You can ask your vet for pet insurance information or call an independent pet insurance company that you can source online. Remember to shop around to ensure that you are getting the lowest priced premiums available.

What Pet Insurance Will Benefit You With

Friday, July 17th, 2015

However, for those who own pets, and particularly dogs or cats, it is a great idea for them to seriously consider it for their beloved pets. There are many benefits generated from having a policy for your pet, including:

· The insurance policy is relatively affordable

Pet insurance is inexpensive and easy to obtain. This is one of the reasons why pet owners find it enticing. Nevertheless, different companies charge different prices. Furthermore, the price is largely predicated on many other factors such as the coverage benefits, length of the policy, the insurance company’s issuing policy and the different deductibles, etc. In spite of these factors, the packages are affordable, cost efficient and easy to find. When you engage wise purchasing strategies and some research you will be in a position to find the right policy. If you consider the strategy of comparing insurance, you will be able to find an inexpensive insurance that helps you to maximize on cost efficiency.

· Easy process of approval

It is easy for any pet to receive the policy that is very important for the pet owner and the pet. It is possible the pet could be healthy and appears active for now. However, as time passes and it ages, health complications are likely to arise. Therefore, the easy process of approval offered by insurance companies is particularly helpful. This will go a long way in ensuring the costs of medical attention is catered for.

· Easy to find an all inclusive coverage

Another benefit of the insurance is the fact that it is not too difficult to find the right coverage for your pet. It is common for the insurance companies to offer covers on different types of procedures, medications and medical visits. Some of the pet owners’ argue an all inclusive insurance is not effective considering its cost would fail to offset the visits to the veterinarian- often undertaken once a year.