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Choosing The Right Laminate Flooring

This flooring can look exactly like wood, hardwood, bamboo, or Brazilian Cherry, among other types. Most of this type of flooring are engineered by using synthetic flooring products simulating wood and even stone while the inside is a melamine resin with materials of fiber board. This flooring looks great and costs less to use in the home while having the look of natural. You can purchase the flooring with a glue backing especially good for the do it yourselfer who wants to complete a floor in a weekend.

Also, Laminate flooring can be purchased with the tongue and groove planks inter locking them together making for ease of installation. To cut down on noise and also moisture created underneath the flooring, it will be floating over a sub-floor which is over top of a foam/filled underlayment. Many people are against using totally natural wood products because they want to do their part to protect our earth and to keep the trees in the forest. At the same time, they want the look of hardwood in their homes. So, the prefinished look of expensive hardwood is a perfect alternative.

A company called Shaw Flooring offers Laminate flooring which use 98% less newly harvested wood than other conventional hardwoods, so if you are a “green thinker” then they have floors you will feel good about placing in your home. They have warranties of 15, 20 and 25 years and if you are wanting to install yourself, Shaw has downloadable guides to show you exactly how easy it will be to do it yourself. From the acclimation guidelines, how to put in the subflooring, with the procedures for doing the underlayment and step by step instructions all the way.

Choosing an 8mm thickness flooring is one of the most popular thicknesses. It seems to be the most cost effective also, due to the fact that more product can be packed in a 20 foot container than the 12mm, which also eases the cost of shipping. So, if you are wanting to go green in your flooring, use less of the Earth’s wood supply and you want something easy to clean that looks wonderful, then you will be making a wise choice by choosing Laminate Flooring.

While floating flooring material can be made of laminate, a nice compromise between laminate and hardwood is engineered wood. With these, wood veneer is attached to solid pieces of pine or plywood, to give each plank the look and strength of expensive hardwoods, without the price. Engineered floating wood flooring comes prefinished with a thick, factory applied top coat, so they are ready to be walked on as soon as they are installed.

Engineered floating wood flooring has a few nice benefits that hardwood floors don’t. Because they aren’t attached to the subfloor, they are able to expand and move with the humidity in the room, something that hardwood cannot do. This prevents warping and cracking that can accompany hardwood floors. Also, because they snap or glue together and don’t require special tools, they are easy for homeowners to install on their own.